Restaurant Booths

Restaurant booths are a must when planning to start a restaurant. Dining booths will definitely be a great addition to your business space and will also enhance your interior design. These booths are a great way to give your customers the comfort and convenience they want while sitting in the restaurant and relaxing for long hours. At Purewood, you can customize restaurant booths in a variety of sizes and textures to suit your taste. Our collection includes wooden, leather padded, and rattan headrest models. Browse through the range!

Wholesale Restaurant Booth Manufacturers in UK

If you are looking for wholesale restaurant booths, you are in the right place! Your search for restaurant booth manufacturers ends here. As a restaurant owner, you may prefer booths that provide you with comfort and privacy. That’s what you get from us! All our products are handmade with the highest quality, ensuring that your customers have a satisfied dining experience. Restaurant booths can upgrade the overall look of your space by providing a more elegant and sophisticated look.

While there are various shapes and sizes available, you need to choose the right booth for your space. Need help choosing the right model for your business space? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Someone from our expert team will contact you to assist you!

Restaurant Booth Collections and Designs

As mentioned, there are different types of booths to choose from. We suggest you first consider the purpose of the booth. The role of these booths should suit your space, make sure it fits well. You also need to consider the fabric, there are faux leather, upholstery, and wooden restaurant booths. At Purewood, you also get matching chairs for your booths. Check out the restaurant chairs, and you will love them!

Wooden Restaurant Booths

Wooden restaurant booths are very trendy and they are an all-time classic combination. It gives you a room within your space. As the name suggests, these booths are made of wood. They have either a high-backed wooden headrest or a wooden base. No matter what the material is, these can transform your restaurant property. Our products are highly valued and give you the premium aesthetic look you expect. If you are looking for something different in dimensions, colour or shape, we are here to guide you through it. From single to double and waiting booths, you get a wide variety of options to choose from.

Padded Restaurant Booths

Padded or upholstered restaurant booths have upholstered backs and seat cushions. They usually have a wooden frame that gives a cushion-like feel and these padded booths are covered with a high-quality fabric or leather cover. This creates a comfortable dining experience for your customers. These restaurant booths are great for private dining and are very less prone to wear and tear.

Rattan Restaurant Booths

When shopping for rattan booths, it is important to know that these are a great choice for restaurants with a natural theme. At Purewood, our rattan restaurant booths are crafted from the finest natural rattan to ensure quality. These booths are highly durable and do not get damaged easily. Our collection of half-weaved rattan booths is a great addition to your space. These are true luxury pieces and offer unmatched comfort. Browse our collection for a trendy look and choose the right collection as per your budget and ambiance. Unlike other furniture manufacturers, our collections are not loosely woven which can get damaged easily. Instead, they are built strongly to ensure durability. All our furniture goes through a quality check before it leaves our warehouse to ensure that every piece is clean and perfect.

Leather Restaurant Booths

One of the most famous restaurant booths is leather. It is sleek and expensive compared to other booths. If you are looking for a durable booth, this is what you should buy. If you want to buy something affordable, there are also faux leather booths. Choosing the right color and style plays a vital role here. If you are confused about what to choose for your space, you can also take guidance from our team.

Laminated Restaurant Booths

These restaurant booths are easy to clean and great for restaurants with a neutral setting. The natural look of these booths can make your business space feel calm and earthy. From single booths to wall benches and half booths, Purewood has everything you need.

Modern Restaurant Booths for an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Restaurant booths have become a popular choice for any restaurant, whether it is casual or fine dining. Padded seats and backs can make your customer feel comfortable. Whether you want to renovate your restaurant with the latest furniture or open a new restaurant, this furniture is a great option to consider. Make your restaurant space look attractive and satisfying with restaurant booths. Available in custom designs and orders with handmade high-grade materials.