TV units are both useful and beautiful. This unsung hero of your living area displays your entertainment system in style and blends into your decor. Unfortunately, not all TVs are the same. Our fashionable new TV units will enhance your living room with modern styling and efficient storage.

Our TVs are works of beauty, carefully constructed by expert craftsmen. Your living space will instantly feel better with its elegant lines, rich textures and carefully chosen finishes. We offer TV units for mid-century modern and contemporary styles.

And so much more! Our TVs are functional and beautiful powerhouses. You can finally organize DVDs, gaming consoles and remote controls with large storage compartments and shelves. Everything will be in its place, creating a neat entertainment center. Do you have a cozy corner or a large living area? We can help. If you feel like it, you can customize some elements to make it your own.

TV Unit Manufacturers in The UK

Purewood is different from your typical UK TV manufacturer. We are craftsmen who diligently create valuable things that enhance your home. We combine attractive design with functional storage in our wood TV units. From rich wood colors to seamless cabinetry, every detail is considered.

Your furnishings should reflect your style. That's why our expert craftsmen put their hearts into every piece, making it a unique masterpiece. When you buy a Purewood TV set, you buy a timeless piece that will last a long time.

We value craftsmanship at Purewood. Dedicated wood craftsmen build our TV units. Every joint is carefully fitted, every surface is sanded, and every detail is checked to meet our high standards. We use only the best sustainable wood to showcase its inherent beauty. Our wide selection suits every taste, from warm oak to sleek walnut.

Purewood TV units are more than just storage - they enhance the ambiance of your living room. Whether you want modern sophistication or rustic charm, our designs are carefully created to match. Imagine your next party with our stunning TV unit that blends form and function. Each Purewood masterpiece is carefully crafted to dazzle your guests.

Our TV Unit Collection

A TV set made by us is like bringing art into your home. The attention to detail in each element ensures form and function in a cohesive package. Come check out our amazing collection.

Abigail Dark Brown TV Stand

Imagine you are moving into your dream home and need a focal point for the living room. The Abigail Dark Brown TV Stand is a showpiece. This piece is elegant and warm with its espresso finish and clean lines.

But it's more than just looks. The Abigail has ample storage to keep your living area looking neat. Sleek doors hide your cable box, gaming consoles, and DVD collection, while open shelves display your favorite decor or family photos.

Eden Media Console

If you love binge-watching new shows or hosting great movie nights then the Eden Media Console is your new best friend. This sleek and attractive piece meets all your entertainment demands while adding a modern flair to your living room.

Alexander 2-Door TV Unit

The Alexander 2 Door TV Unit proves that in some cases, less is more. This TV set adds subtle elegance to any living room with its sleek design and mid-century contemporary flair.

Be aware of its simplicity. Functionality is strong with the Alexander. Keep your living room looking neat with plenty of storage for cable boxes, gaming consoles, and DVDs behind its beautiful doors.

Benjamin TV Unit

If you want rustic charm with a modern touch then the Benjamin TV Unit will win you over. This beautiful item blends the warmth of reclaimed wood with clean lines and an industrial-inspired look to create a distinctive and eye-catching focal point for your living room.

Daniel Mango Wood and Rattan 2 Door 1 Drawer TV Unit

The Daniel TV Unit is perfect if you love rustic charm and refined elegance. This solid mango wood and rattan item is warm and natural. Its design is earthy and bohemian, with dark wood tones and delicate rattan details.

The Daniel TV Unit will be the highlight of your living room, whether you're binge-watching or hosting a movie night. Its classic design and high-quality craftsmanship make it an investment that will adorn your room for years.

David TV Stand

The David TV Stand will take you back to the golden age of design. Its clean lines and slender legs give it a charming retro-chic vibe. The David's open-concept design is practical and attractive, made of solid wood with a rich, warm finish. Easy organization replaces bulky, closed shelves. Its large shelves are ideal for displaying your favorite decor, books, and media.

Eliza Small Entertainment Unit

The Eliza entertainment unit proves that less is more. This modest yet stylish design is ideal for small living rooms or cosy nooks where you want to make a statement without taking up too much space. The Eliza's smooth, matte finish and high-quality wood give it a modern, inviting vibe. The combination of design and function proves that great things come in small packages.

Wholesale TV Unit Suppliers in The UK

As a leading wholesale TV unit supplier, we pride ourselves on supplying a wide choice of high-quality and fashionable TV units to suit different tastes and preferences. We take pride in every piece we make, ensuring you get things that look good and last a long time.

One size does not fit all when it comes to TVs. Our collection features a wide range of styles, from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional. We have something for any interior décor, from the simple to the extravagant. Our talented craftsmen create each piece with precision, combining classic elegance with modern flair.

We prioritize quality and durability in our TVs. We exclusively use high-quality solid wood, engineered wood, and veneers to make your investment last a long time. Our strict quality control ensures that each piece reaches the greatest standards of craftsmanship, ensuring that your TV unit will be appreciated for years to come.

Our wholesale TV units are ideal for updating your living room, creating a cozy media room, or adding grandeur to your home. We guarantee that our items will exceed your expectations and improve your life with their unmatched elegance, quality, and practicality.