Hotel Beds

Hotel beds are the most essential furniture that can inspire your guests’ stay experience! Whether you are buying beds for your home or for your hotel business! We have something that can entice you! Check out the wide range of hotel beds available at Purewood! We are the leaders in hotel beds and offering the best quality hotel beds to suit your budget and needs! Now satisfy your guests’ comfort and sleep experience with Purewood’s hotel beds! Our products are innovative, budget-friendly and durable. If you are looking for easy-to-maintain hotel beds, we have just the thing! Talk to our expert team to get guidance!

Let’s check out the types of hotel beds available with us!

Wholesale Hotel Bed Manufacturers in UK

Do you want to provide your guests with the utmost comfort at your resort or hotel? At Purewood, you get a premium range of hotel beds that can give your guests a completely peaceful experience. Whether you are going to start a new hotel or renovating your hotel rooms, hotel beds will be the first furniture you invest in. Purewood is one of the top hotel bed manufacturers and we have been helping the top hospitality industries of the country with our hotel bed furniture. Our wholesale collection includes wooden beds along with simple and intricately designed cots. If you are looking for a single place to buy all your furniture pieces, we are proud to be the perfect choice. We know the market standards and all our furniture is highly durable and cost-effective.

Hotel Bed Designs And Collections

Choosing the right hotel bed requires some experience! Because it directly affects the comfort of your guests. Therefore, you need to choose the right hotel bed for your hospitality space. If you are not sure what to buy? Feel free to talk to our design team who will be happy to assist you with your furniture purchase. The hotel bed collection at Purewood creates a sense of contemporaneity and also has a vintage touch. We are also providing customized furniture solutions for your unique requirements.

Wooden Hotel Beds

Wood is the most preferred choice among hoteliers as it gives a traditional yet rustic look and is durable. If you are looking for beds that offer comfort and look stylish too, wooden hotel beds are the only choice. All our hotel beds are made of high-quality wood for durability. These beds are intricately designed to suit the decor and theme of your hotel room. At Purewood, hotel beds are crafted without the rigors of hospitality use, they are versatile and available in luxurious finishes.

We are also providing customized furniture service; you can ask us to craft anything from wood to detailing to suit the unique style of your business. From headboard designs to wood finishes, we can customize them as per your requirements.

Rattan Hotel Beds

Rattan has made a comeback in interiors just a few years ago! While you may have seen rattan used only for garden furniture, we have used it to design hotel beds and other furniture pieces. If you are looking for a modern and contemporary hotel bed, rattan is the perfect choice for you! Although it is a little expensive, its durability is forever. Wow your guests with a hotel bed made of rattan! Check out our "Lobelia Dark Brown Rattan Bed" made of acacia wood with natural rattan decor. This bed gives your room a natural and organic feel. Each of our hotel beds has unique features and detailing that create a cozy bedroom that will stay in your guests' memories forever.

Iron Hotel Bed

As the name suggests, these beds have iron frames with wooden accents. Iron is known for its durability, and our products are known for their long-lasting performance. These are available in various classic designs and are suitable for all hotel room decors. Iron hotel beds at Purewoods are built with sturdy iron frames, providing excellent stability and support for different types of beds. You can also customize your hotel bed with us to suit your unique requirement and room setup. Choose from a wide range of iron hotel beds with or without headboard of your choice. These beds are great for adding charm to hotel rooms and keep your interiors looking attractive.

Hotel Beds - Best Hotel Beds in UK

Choosing the right hotel bed requires some research! With us, you are sure to find the most comfortable and durable furniture for your home or business. At Purewood, hotel beds are made of high-quality and durable materials that take up very little space. All our products are tested by experts and we will deliver them to your doorstep. Also, check out our side tables and chairs for your hotel rooms! We have a huge range of collections to choose from!