Cafe Chairs

Do you want to buy café chairs and stools? Then Purewood is the right place for you. We are one of the top café furniture suppliers in the UK and we believe that café chairs are not your regular furniture pieces. They are a platform for cozy conversations and unforgettable moments. You have many options to choose from, but before you make a purchase, take a look at our collection! Choosing the right café chair is as important as the decor. The material you choose can make a huge difference. The chair you buy should not only impress in terms of look and feel, but it should also be durable and easy to maintain.

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Wholesale Café Chair Manufacturers in the UK

Purewood is one of the best wholesale café chair manufacturers, offering at competitive prices. If you are confused about what to choose for your café space, our expert team will also offer you free “design” advice. Each of our café chairs is made from commercial-grade materials and all our products are explained in detail when purchasing. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support, so if in doubt, never hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to help you and ensure that you get the right product for your restaurant at a satisfactory price.

Just as you serve food in your café, creating a comfortable place to sit and relax also plays an important role for your café. Whether you are looking for furniture for your café, restaurant, bar, bistro or your home. We have café chairs that suit your taste and budget. As a leading café chair supplier in the UK, we offer a huge range of top-quality café chairs that will keep your customers coming back to your café for more!

Café Chair Designs and Collections

We have a wide range of café chairs at unmatched prices. From wood to metal, leather and rattan café chairs, you will find all your needs covered. All our furniture pieces are handmade and materials are sourced from around the world to ensure quality and durability. We understand how difficult it can be to decide which chair will be suitable for your café and that is why our expert team is here to help you. We have years of experience in this field and have gathered many designers within the industry.

If you want to move away from the traditional furniture pieces then opt for leather and rattan chairs. They are no longer the old fashioned café chairs. They are available in various colour options that make the place look attractive and picture-worthy.

Wooden Café Chairs

Wooden café chairs or bistro chairs are the most preferred furniture for any restaurant setup. Our range of wooden café chairs includes simple to contemporary designs. Your patrons will be able to walk into your café and sit comfortably, enjoying the ambiance while savouring a quick meal. All our products offer comfortable back and handrest support. These cafe chairs are available in many colours and styles only at Purewood. Our wooden cafe chairs are highly durable and suitable for busy cafes and bistros in the UK. The British weather is very unpredictable, but don't worry, all our products are weather resistant and can withstand any climatic condition. Buy them now at wholesale prices at Purewood.

Leather Café Chairs

After many years of furnishing cafes with traditional wooden cafe chairs, leather has started making a splash in the world of interior designing. These are not only beautiful to look at but are also very comfortable to use. There are different types of leather cafe chairs available and each has its own features and benefits. All our products are made of genuine genuine leather to give your cafe a luxurious touch. If your budget is not limited, we suggest you buy the Eliza leather chair which comes with solid wood legs. These chairs are resilient to cracking and chipping, it is made of high quality and durable leather. It will soften over time and enhance your overall café ambiance. These chairs are not only visually appealing but are also easy to maintain. Unlike other café chairs and sofas, these do not require deep cleaning. Check out our collection now!

Rattan or Cord Café Chairs

If you want your café to look Scandi with a mid-century edge, then our rattan and cord chairs are great choices. Adding these café chairs is the best way to give your café a unique look and they are also great for the patio and garden. These chairs are great for unpredictable weather, they are highly durable and easy to maintain. Plus, you can place them anywhere you want due to their lightweight nature. For quite a long time, café owners have been preferring these types of chairs to add style and charm to their cafés and outdoor spaces.

Upholstered Café Chairs

These are the most practical and comfortable seating options among café owners. If you are looking for a more sophisticated look for your business space, then upholstered chairs are worth considering. They are available in various colors and fabrics to choose from. These chairs can change the overall look of your business. These chairs are prone to stains, but can be easily cleaned. At Purewood, all our products are easy to maintain and clean and are available in breathable fabrics. Be sure to check out our cafe chairs!

Classy Café Chairs to Make the First Impression of Your Business

Choosing the right furniture is an important task. But with Purewood it is made easy. Get ready to transform your café into a pleasing paradise. Discover cafe chairs that double up on functionality without compromising on style. From sleek to versatile and contemporary cafe chairs, you have everything to make your café space cool and trendy. Browse our cafe chair section and find the style that suits your café space