A bedside table or nightstand is often a must-have item for the bedroom! The first thing we reach for is the nightstand to turn off our morning alarm and charge our phones. When buying a nightstand, consider whether it is functional and blends well with your bedroom décor. At Purewood, we know how important these furniture pieces are and have crafted them in a way that they can enhance the look and functionality of your rooms. Whether you are looking for nightstands for your room or your commercial property, we offer a durable and functional furniture collection.

Let us take a look at our range of nightstands to complement your bedroom.

Wholesale Nightstands Manufacturer in The UK

We are one of the top nightstand suppliers in the country! Our stylish and minimalist wooden nightstand collection embraces simplicity. Our products are designed for retailers who want to buy furniture at wholesale prices! These nightstands have clean lines, great storage space and blend well with your bedroom theme. All our products are made from solid wood and they are sturdy! This makes our products a perfect and versatile collection for modern and traditional bedroom designs. We pride ourselves on making our product so unique from highly skilled craftsmen using high-quality solid wood. Whether you want the rich grain of oak, teak or walnut, our nightstands are crafted to last for years to come.

Nightstand Designs and Collections

From classic to traditional designs to modern and contemporary nightstands, we have a vast selection to suit all tastes. Our extensive range ensures that you can find the perfect piece to suit your budget. Whether you are looking for vintage-inspired, modern or sleek furniture! We have everything in one place! Our wooden nightstand is not only elegant but also super functional. With features like spacious drawers and cabinets, these nightstands provide practical storage solutions while keeping all your essentials within your reach! We are also offering personalized solutions to our customers. You can ask our expert team for guidance on customization options. They will help you choose the right finish, wood and hardware to design a piece that is uniquely yours.

Wooden Nightstand

At Purewood, we have solid wood nightstands. They are strong, durable and versatile materials. They are carved and painted to give a unique finish, offering a great choice for design. This wooden nightstand comes in different grains and polishes, so you will find a wide variety of options to choose from. Wooden nightstands Also known as bedside tables, these tables are a must to complete the look of your room. Whether you are looking for a table to place your night lamp or just something for storage, these nightstands are great as an add-on. Check out our "Falcon Nightstand" made of oak wood with a refined finish. These tables are very sturdy and can enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

We also have other collections of wooden nightstands; they are sleek and stylish! Don't forget to check them out too! You will buy the perfect product for your home or commercial space!

Rattan Nightstands

Rattan nightstand tables will be a great addition to the natural look of your room. These are timeless pieces and give you a vintage feel. Like our "Flamingo Rattan Nightstand", made of wood with a rattan finish. These nightstands are not just for bedrooms but can also be used in your living room or hallway. It is truly a must-have product for your home. Rattan nightstands are also available in many designs like the "Eagle Nightstand". For a vintage-looking interior, these are a great choice. Check out our wide range of rattan furniture.

Nightstands - Artisan Collection Only At Purewood!

A nightstand next to your bed provides a place to keep your mobile phone, books and other essentials. It is often outfitted with storage space and cabinets. These nightstands are available in a wide range of materials and designs to choose from. We have the best quality glossy finish models for rattan nightstands. At Purewood you will find the perfect nightstand that can complement any décor and also meet your storage needs. Explore the wide range of collections online and enhance the overall look of your bedroom. Buy the perfect nightstand from us today with safety and ease!

Not sure about what to buy? Don't worry! Our expert team and dedicated designers are here to guide you in choosing the right product for your home! Do check out our other bedroom furniture like beds, wardrobes and dressers. We are also offering fully assembled nightstands and those that need to be assembled will be completed by our staff upon delivery. From warm shades to beige and brown, we have a wide range of colours and grains to choose from! What are you waiting for? Book your dream nightstand and furniture with us! In just a few hours Goes away.