Bar Tables

Purewood has the largest choice of bar tables, from modern to traditional and contemporary! All our furniture is made from the finest wood and materials. These tables are fully assembled! If you are looking for the best bar table for your cafe or home, look no further! Bar tables are not just for bars or restaurants, they are also loved by those with unique decor or themes. They are stylish, practical and compact! We have plenty of options and designs for you to choose from.

Let’s take a look at the bar table collection!

Wholesale Bar Table Manufacturers in The UK

Are you looking for wholesale bar tables in the UK at a great price and an endless collection to choose from? Then Purewood is the perfect choice! If you are a home decor enthusiast and looking for a great bar table to enhance your living space, then bar tables are the perfect choice for you. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right bar table such as shape, size and material. Of course, style also plays an important role in creating the atmosphere you want. Whether you want a modern design or a sleeping table that looks rustic but is also comfortable to use, we are here to serve you!

The statement kitchen island is the most preferred choice among people in the UK. It is now one of the most overlooked features of any kitchen. If you have a kitchen island in your home, you might need bar stools! Also, check out our bar stool collection!

Bar Table Designs And Collections

Bar tables are the leaders when it comes to elevating your dining space. Not only does it provide a unique dining area to welcome guests but it also adds elegance and balance to your space. Whether you have a bar in your home or you want to give your café a makeover, a bar table can be the perfect choice for your home. We have a wide range of bar table collections from wood to steel, browse our “Bar Tables” category to check them out.

Wooden Bar Tables

The most preferred choice is the wooden bar tables. At Purewood, round, square and rectangular shapes are also available in custom sizes. These are traditionally designed and have space for doubles. They give your space a cozy and homey feel. These tables are usually made from thick wood with a solid base. Our Amaryllis Ashwood bar tables are a perfect example of this, it is made from premium ash wood with a sleek metal base at the bottom. You can adjust the height as you wish and it makes your business space unique and stylish.

Terrazzo Bar Table

Terrazzo is becoming very popular and they are a mixture of marble chips and cement. It comes from ancient Egypt and it is one of the most used flooring materials in the 20s. We have brought it back in our bar tables. These tables are perfect for a family of two and usually come with a sturdy base made of steel or brass. Check out our Freesia Square Bar Table with a Black Terrazzo Tabletop. It has a brass base for strength and looks stylish and functional. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to marble, terrazzo tables are the perfect choice.

Marble Bar Tables

Marble is a classic material that is loved for its unique beauty. Although we are used to using it for countertops and flooring, this luxurious material is said to bring a unique touch to our homes and businesses. For a high-end look, check out our Crocosmia Square Marble Bar Tables. These are made of large black gold marble with a polished finish. If you want to enhance your ambiance, this is what you need to invest in for your space. Mable bar tables are easy to use and maintain, so it is a great choice for cafes and bistros. These are such versatile and timeless furniture materials that are always in trend.

Metal Bar Tables

Metal tables are durable, functional and always in trend. It is a testament to the blend of uniqueness. Comes with a strong metal frame and has the required stability. These are very common types of bar tables and can be seen in every bar and cafe. At Purewood, you get a wide choice of metal bar tables! Not sure what to buy? Our expert team will help you! Just give us a call!

Bar Tables - Statement Bar Tables!

Your search for the best designed furniture ends here! We are one of the best bar table manufacturers in the UK. We have a huge selection of furniture pieces for home or commercial space. If you want to give your bar space a luxurious look, then a statement bar table is an option you can consider. With us, you can rest assured about the quality of the collection and material. Check out our bar tables now!